A Clean and Global North


A Clean and Global North
Duration 1h 0min

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Agenda for live webcast

Opening remarks
Antti RINNE, Prime Minister of Finland

Greetings from Brussels
Introduction: Audrone PERKAUSKIENE, Head of Division, European External Action Service
Karmenu VELLA, Commissioner, European Commission (video greetings)

The Paris Climate Agreement 4 years later and the IPCC special report
on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

Ségolène ROYAL, Ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic Poles of France, President of COP21

Messages from the civil society and students

Riitta KOSONEN, Professor, Aalto University, Northern Dimension Institute

Video presentation

Key achievements and best practices of regional cooperation in the North

Panel session: How to curb climate change - solutions for mitigation and adaptation in the region

Moderator Paula LEHTOMÄKI, Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers Panel discusses achievements, current
challenges and future possibilities of regional cooperation to identify solutions for mitigation and adaptation.
The panel looks into possibilities of new technologies and innovations.

- Dmitry KOBYLKIN, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation
- Eva SVEDLING, State Secretary to Minister for Environment and Climate and Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden:
Regional Climate Strategies. Increasing knowledge, transition and cooperation
- Antonio QUESADA, Secretary of the Spanish Polar Committee:
The North seen from the South: collaboration as a needed win-win action
- Shardul AGRAWALA, Head of the Environment and the Economic Integration Division, OECD
- Peter VANACKER, President and CEO, Neste Corporation: "Transforming Business to Combat Climate Change"

Discussion and Q&A


Panel session: Smart ways to enhance connectivity in the region and beyond

Moderator Lars-Gunnar WIGEMARK, Ambassador at Large for the Arctic, European External Action Service
Panel looks into and discusses achievements, current challenges and future possibilities to facilitate transport
and communication networks to connect people and boost businesses. The panel will debate on the possibilities
digital solutions and new technologies offer for connectivity. Key themes: transport, new technologies, digital networks,
people-to-people, sustainable cities, smart mobility, digitalization.


- Tālis LINKAITS, Minister of Transport of Latvia: Strengthening connectivity. The strengths of regional cooperation in improving connectivity
- Kaimar KARU, Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology of Estonia: E-connectivity: Taking connectivity to the next level
- Audun HALVORSEN, State Secretary to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway: Managing long distances: connecting people and businesses
- Kurt BODEWIG, European Coordinator for the Trans-European transport network (Motorways of the Sea), DG Move, European Commission:
Transforming transport – smart and sustainable solutions
- Sampo HIETANEN, CEO, MaaS Global: Mobility as a Service - The End of Car Ownership?

Discussion and Q&A

Concluding remarks

Gudlaugur Thór THORDARSON, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

Closing of the event

Pekka HAAVISTO, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Toast for Northern Dimension 20 years